Reading practice, assessment, and progress monitoring for young learners

Reading practice, assessment, and progress monitoring for young learners

Read Seed saves teachers time by helping to administer and grade regular reading assessments. Dynamic reports track students’ reading progress to enable early identification of problems and support.

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Three simple steps…



Students read aloud



Read Seed evaluates



Teachers get actionable data

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Why not try Read Seed for yourself, and experience our state-of-the-art reading practice, assessment, and progress monitoring service? You can access the demo course from any PC, notebook or tablet running Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. Try it today, and see how good it could be!

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Everything you need in a reading tool…

Read Seed offers the simplest experience possible for both teachers and students. The dashboard is both interactive and fun! Powerful reports give teachers all the information they need about their student’s reading progress. With over 100 texts at six different levels, teachers will never need to hunt around for suitable reading material.




Benefits of Read Seed

LMS Integration

Access Read Seed directly from Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, or Schoology.

Teacher Time

No need to hunt around for texts or set aside extra time for grading.


Everything you need to know about your students’ reading progress.

Leveled Texts

Over 100 readings available for grades 1 through 6.

Fun Characters

Students are rewarded for each reading with a fun seed character.

How will you grow?

As your students’ reading skills grow, their seeds will sprout into fun characters, each with their own unique style…

A Great Combination

Read Seed is pleased to be working in partnership with Amazon Web Services as a part of AWS EdStart…