Reading practice and assessment for young learners…

Reading practice and assessment for young learners...

Benefits of Read Seed

LMS Integration

Access Read Seed directly from Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, or Schoology.

Teacher Time

No need to hunt around for texts or set aside extra time for grading.


Everything you need to know about your students’ reading progress.

Leveled Texts

Over 100 readings available for grades 1 through 6.

Fun Characters

Students are rewarded for each reading with a fun seed character.

Three simple steps…



Students read aloud



Read Seed evaluates



Teachers get actionable data

“If a reader has
not developed fluency, the process of decoding
words drains attention, and insufficient attention is
available for constructing the meaning of texts.”

“Children should be given as much opportunity and encouragement as possible to practice their reading.”

“With ongoing monitoring of the students, teachers can establish an achievable and individual rate of progress for each student, or intervene when required.”

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How will you grow?

As your students’ reading skills grow, their seeds will sprout into fun characters, each with their own unique style…

A Great Combination

Read Seed and Poodll are pleased to be working in partnership with Amazon Web Services as a part of AWS EdStart…