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Monitor your students’ reading progress…

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Choose from dozens of level appropriate texts…

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Save time with automatic grading…

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Simple and intuitive reports…

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Interesting and fun…

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Three simple steps…


Oral Reading Fluency measures are obtained by recording the students reading the text aloud.

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Comprehension question ensure that the students fully grasp the meaning of what they have read.

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Teachers can easily access information about the speed and accuracy of their students’ reading.

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Join us…

Read Seed is launching a pilot program, and we want to take you with us. You and your students will receive free access to our practice, assessment and progress-monitoring service for a full year! Just fill in your email address and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

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Why teachers love Read Seed…

Original Texts

No more searching around for suitable texts. We have dozens of interesting readings on a variety of topics.

Fluency & Comprehension

They’re reading, but do they really understand? Our activities assess both fluency and comprehension.

AI-assisted Grading

State-of-the-art transcription compares what the student read with the original transcript to provide reliable WPM and accuracy scores.

Powerful Reporting

Simple to understand reports make it easy for teachers to follow their students’ progress on their way to achieving their reading goals.

A Great Combination

Read Seed and Poodll are pleased to be working in partnership with Amazon Web Services as a part of AWS EdStart…

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A Great Combination