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What is reading fluency?

There are various definitions of reading fluency, but we think of it as the ability to read text accurately, quickly, and with appropriate expression.

What is oral reading fluency and how is it measured?

Oral Reading Fluency is one of several critical measures of how well a student is reading. It usually involves three factors: speed, accuracy, and expression. Oral reading fluency is usually measured via a one-minute read aloud of a level appropriate text. 

What if my school doesn’t collect oral reading fluency data? Can my students still benefit from Read Seed?

Read Seed is assessment, practice, and progress monitoring for readers. Even if your school doesn’t collect data on students’ oral reading performance, it can still be useful for identifying reading problems and ensuring that struggling readers get the help they need. Read Seed also includes comprehension questions to assess their understanding of the text.

Does Read Seed provide readings, or do I have to find them myself?

Read Seed comes with a wide selection of level appropriate texts.

If I want to use my own readings, can I?

It’s possible for us to create Read Seed activities from  texts and questions supplied by teachers. Contact us at for more details.

How do I grade Read Seed activities?

All Read Seed activities are capable of being auto-graded, so the teachers can focus on other things. It’s also possible to check results manually and override grades if necessary.

How long does it take to get the results?

It takes Read Seed a couple of minutes to provide oral reading fluency scores for a student’s recording. Comprehension questions are assessed in real time, and students are provided with immediate feedback concerning whether or not their answers are correct.

Can I use Read Seed with my school’s learning management system (LMS)?

Yes. Read Seed can be accessed from your LMS (e.g., Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas) through learning tool interoperability. 

Can I use Read Seed on my English language learners?

Extra reading practice is particularly beneficial for ELL and LEP students. If the grade level readings prove too difficult, just select texts from a lower level.

Is Read Seed appropriate for special education students?

Carefully tracking the reading progress of special education students is very important. However, conducting traditional pen and paper testing is difficult and time-consuming. Read Seed can help by enabling all learners to take the test at the same time, and our AI technology saves teachers countless hours of grading.