About Us

About Read Seed

Read Seed is an assessment, practice, and progress monitoring service designed to help teachers to better understand their students’ reading. Advanced recording tools capture the students’ oral reading while state-of-the-art transcription provides reliable, automatic grading. Powerful reporting options give teachers all the information they need quickly and easily. Read Seed is the latest service offered by Poodll, a world leader in applications for teachers.

About Poodll

Since 2012, Poodll has been developing online tools for teachers and learners. In addition to offering the most advanced general purpose audio and video recording tools on the Internet, Poodll brings added functionality to the most widely used learning management system available, Moodle. At present Poodll services are being used by approximately 500 institutions around the world. Customers include schools, universities, organizations and government departments. Poodll’s founders and staff are passionate about education and language learning in particular. Poodll is located in Nagasaki, Japan.

Meet the team…

We are a very small team, so not a lot of names to remember… But can you guess who does what here at Read Seed? Drag each picture onto a job title, then press “check.”